We are the right architecture firm for you. With a CT state registered architect and interior designer at the office who owns and operates Design R Architects in Stamford, you get all the benefits of working with a small business owner. As one of the leading architectural and interior design firms in Fairfield County, our design firm specializes in all types of interior architecture and interior design services for residential and commercial projects.

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% of Construction Cost

  • Great for unique projects or a la carte services.
  • Accurate invoicing and cost breakdown.
  • Make payments online.
  • Advantage: Pay only for the services you require.

Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency & Upgrades.

Building Code Analysis, Special Exception, Conditional Use or Zoning Variance, Public Hearing, Architectural Review Board, ADA compliance.

LEED Stewardship, Climate Responsive Building Design, Energy Efficiency, Natural Daylighting, Natural Ventilation & Micro-climate Analysis.

Site Selection, Development Potential, Site Planning Studies.

Evaluate Space Needs, Improve Ergonomics & Work Flow, Create Test Fits, Rework Build-outs

Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, 

Construction Observation, Contract Administration.



Office Efficiency


Code Compliance

Residential & Commercial Design Services





We believe in having fair and flexible payment options. Beside each service above is our recommendation, which may be adjusted for a specific project.



Branding & Promotional Design, Lease Brochures, Project Closeout,

Photo-realistic Architectural Renderings & Animations.

Hourly Rate: Time & Materials
  • Good for quick decision makers.
  • Quells budget concerns in advance.
  • Accurate invoicing and cost breakdown.
  • ‚ÄčAdvantage: Services may be less costly during the construction documentation phase.

Payment Options

Furniture Selection, Color Coordination, Millwork Design, Lighting Selection, Finish Board Presentations, Personal Shopping Assistance.


Site Analysis & Planning







Interior Design

  • Includes All Design-Related Professional fees which can vary from 8-12% of the construction cost based on project type and complexity.
  • May alleviate budget concerns in advance.
  • Up-front, straight forward project costing based on original and revised estimates.
  • Advantage: Design-related fees are more fixed.
  • If requesting a FIXED FEE or LUMP SUM service, we base our fixed fee upon what we believe the construction cost to be. Stand-alone architectural services generally range between 4-8% of the estimate construction cost.
  • Note that our firm does not perform cost estimating services.


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